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  2. Epoch: an event or a time marked by an event that begins a new period or development

    When you work 100 hours a week and rarely get to see the fruits of your labor, anytime someone seems to recognize your passion it makes you smile. That’s what happened when my sweet friend Christina Buchanan nominated Imba Means Sing for an Epoch Award. I smiled. And then I wondered what it meant?

    So as the inquisitive journalist I am, I went to the website and learned that it’s an honor and grant for “unsung heroes in ministry.” I watched the story of how Justin from Care for AIDS turned his dream into reality thanks to this generous gift. But I wanted to know more. I knew I had heard this word before. Long before. Like in middle school history class.

    Here’s what Merriam and Webster have to say about this great word, epoch. An epoch is “an event or a time marked by an event that begins a new period or development.” We need Imba Means Sing to win this Epoch Award because we are ready to for an epoch to happen to our film. We need to begin a new period, a new development.

    Let me explain. This has been the hardest year and a half of my life. Making Imba Means Sing has taken everything I have and has made me rely on God more than ever. It’s been a massive gift and also quite a burden. Every day the crew, the Choir and me face new and difficult challenges. Not enough money. Not enough time. Illness. Tornadoes. You name it, we’ve overcome it together. But our tumultuous time of filming is almost over. Dramatic music plays… our epoch is around the corner! Come 2014, we begin edit and then the world finally gets to be inspired by the incredible story of Angel and Moses. But we need help reaching that epoch, and are hoping Epoch can bolster the support! 

    So far we have raised $200,000 for the film. The whole production, from start to your screen, will cost $400,000. So we’re halfway there! We urgently need another $60,000 so we can finish shooting this incredible story. So winning $10,000 from Epoch would be a massive help.  Massive. And winning $500 right now just for telling the world about this awesome award? Yeah. That would be icing on the cake. We love eating icing before the cake J. $500 today will pay for us to get to our next shoot in NC… gas for there and back so we can film these amazing kids and turn that $500 into millions for their education. Bam! Let’s do it Epoch. Thank you! 

  3. Very grateful to my friends at HLN & CNN for their support! Here’s the story from a couple weeks ago. Our Indiegogo campaign ended but you can always still support imba means sing on our blog: http://imbameanssing.tumblr.com/donate. Thank you!


    We could not be more excited right now. Thank you so much HLN’s Making it in America for featuring our film & story with the world! Check it out… and please share!


  4. This Valentine’s Day I am rising. Here’s why… 

  5. This screams my Twitter handle & life mission. Thanks Anne Frank <3. #GoodNews


  6. Rejuvenate

    I am excited to be joining the Rejuvenate Magazine as a freelance writer. Here’s my first piece, enjoy! 

    Made to Make a Difference: Inside Catalyst 2012

  7. We wish a paper plane could fly us all over to film the African Children’s Choir. 

    But since it can’t, please consider donating your airline miles, hotel and rental car points to share this story of the hope & dignity of Africa’s children with the world. 

    Email erinjlevin@gmail.com if interested. Thank you!


  8. My latest Huffington Post story featuring my incredible friend & mentor Stephanie Jolluck and hero Emmanuel Jal! 


  9. This is my new favorite source for all things news. Though CNN will always have a piece of my heart <3. 

    Anytime the news they share relates to Africa, children, music, education (anything imba! film related), they promote our film at the bottom of the page and invite people to get involved and support us! 

    Please start getting your news here - they are helping lots of non-profits and artists just like us! 

    Plus, anytime you read an article that you think they could share and link to the film, please email it to me to pitch them. Thanks so much :). 


  10. Click link to read the backstory of why I am making @imba_film!